Victor offers yoga classes and massage packages designed for your company needs.

Nowadays, a large number of small, medium and large companies are implementing within their work place, wellness initiatives contributing to the wellbeing of their employees and giving them a chance to improve their productivity.

Stress levels can be high in a fast pace and competitive working environment and Yoga and meditation have been scientifically proven to help and and reduce stress related symptoms.

Taking a short time to refocus and relax can greatly improve the general wellbeing of your employees and therefore increase the quality of their presence and productivity.

Victor creates wellness packages depending on your organisation and employees specific needs.

Wether you need a:

  • Team building event
  • Weekly private yoga class for your employees
  • Workshop to learn yoga, breathing and mediation techniques to relax
  • Corporate massage
  • Wellness day

On-Site regular yoga classes adapted to your company needs

Price will vary on the number of people attending the classes and where your company is located.

On-Site seated massages

Regular massage sessions can manage stress and alleviate pain from seating long hours.

A professional massage therapist can perform seated massage at the desk.

Price will vary depending on how may people and where your company is located.


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